BARBARA NANCE artwork is exhibited in galleries, and has appeared in film and on TV, business logos, comic books, wine labels, clothes, prints and other merchandise. Nance captivates her audience with her warm and whimsical characters. Her vision has been praised as “feel good art that lifts the spirits.” One critic sees her as “a modern day Renaissance woman, a rare mixture of talent, skill, imagination, and passion."

CYNTHIA SPENCER always knew she was an artist, and one can see this confidence in her functional dinnerware and in her graceful sculptures. The production of functional ware provides a sketchbook for design and technique. A whimsical vase foot will grow into a sculpture many months later. Her sculptures are reflections of herself as a woman and as a potter. Each piece is a dance of line, form and technique.

CECILIA STANFORD artwork is often whimsical, providing an accessibility for young viewers, but with a humorous edge for the more mature. Handmade ceramic mosaic and glass is a distinctive feature of much of her large sculpture and smaller objects.